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The Executive Time Use Project What do CEOs do all day?


Markerplace's Sally Herships interviewed Professor Andrea Prat from Columbia University, who is one of the principal investigator of STICERD's Executive Time Use Project. In the article from November 10th, Prat points out that CEOs spend most of their days in meetings. And, he notes, most of the meetings are with employees inside the company. Contrary [...]

Marketplace What do CEOs do all day?


Corporate titans, leaders of Fortune 500 companies, wearers of starched white shirts, winners of enormous paychecks and occupiers of corner offices with imposing black desks and gleaming glass views. It's easy to conjure images of CEOs in offices... but what, exactly, is it that they do in there all day? This article was published by [...]

Wall Street Journal Do CEOs of Family-Owned Businesses Work Less?


What's the difference between a family firm and a regular business? According to one new study, an empty corner office. Professors at Harvard Business School, the London School of Economics and Columbia University's business school examined the schedules of 356 chief executives in India and found that family CEOs worked 8% fewer hours than managers [...]

Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge Family CEOs Spend Less Time at Work


Two years ago, the World Management Survey on organizational leadership reported that firms led by family CEOs (managers related to the family owning the business) are often managed badly, particularly those where a first-born son has inherited the role of CEO from the previous leader. Now comes additional research showing that on average, family CEOs [...]

Ideas for India What do Indian CEOs do?


While the Indian manufacturing sector has experienced rapid growth since the early 1990s, it is characterised by large productivity differences across firms and presence of several low productivity firms that use poor managerial practices. This column examines differences in CEOs’ management style via their time use to provide new insights on the observed diversity across [...]

The Wall Street Journal In Defense of the CEO


Chauffeur-driven limousines, millions in stock options, golden parachutes. It's no wonder bosses' pay and perks can rankle. Here's why the best ones are worth it. Full article is available on the Wall Street Journal website.

Business Insider
What The Most Successful CEOs Know About Time Management


The most successful CEOs have killer time management skills. A real understanding of how to prioritize and delegate is what separates CEOs of global companies from the rest, according to new research by Columbia University's Andrea Prat. Full article is available on the Business Insider website

Financial Times
How do highly paid chief executives fill their working hours?


Academic and author, Tom Lloyd, begins a short series of articles that seek to unravel the mysteries of "reaching the top". One reason people object so strongly to executive pay packets is that they are mystified by them: they question what it is about chief executives' work that makes it worth so much. It is [...]

The Wall Street Journal
Where’s the Boss? Trapped in a Meeting


What do chief executives do all day? It really is what it seems: They spend about a third of their work time in meetings. That is one of the central findings of a team of scholars from London School of Economics and Harvard Business School, who have burrowed into the day-to-day schedules of more than [...]